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Tree Equipment Rentals

On-Site Rentals

This service combines the power of the biggest tree equipment not available elsewhere with people who know how to use that equipment to get the job done right and in a way that increases the profitability of your tree business.

We provide a dynamic duo of skilled operators and specialized tree equipment, which gives you the advantage of completing bigger jobs in less time. You can also take on bigger contracts without hiring employees or buying equipment, which increases the number and size of the opportunities you have to grow your tree business.

Complete Service

Our operators deliver the tree equipment to your job site and use their expertise to get your job done fast and safe. This not only saves you time and money on every job, but actually generates additional profit by eliminating expensive labor costs, capital investments, and opportunity costs.

So when you need a large chipper truck, chipper or stump grinder, why buy one? Call us and we'll deliver the tree equipment you want when you need it.

On-Site Staff

We employ responsible tree professionals, equipment operators, and certified arborists with a minimum of five years of continuous industry experience and excel in their area of expertise.

Dedicated Staff

Our friendly coordinators are dedicated to your success. We know that your tree job is our business. When minutes matter, our experience, attention to detail, and clear communication ensure your experience will be a profitable one you will enjoy and recommend.

We help your tree business grow

On-Site Service

We provide on-site service to your job site.  We provide a driver and a large chipper truck for as many hours or days as needed.  This solution is great for improving efficiency or eliminating downtime. So, if there is an emergency storm cleanup or another sudden situation where time is of the essence and expansion of your service may be temporary. 

Replacements for Your Equipment

No longer can traffic accidents or major mechanical repairs can cripple your business.  We can get you that replacement truck within 24 hours in most cases.  Additionally, we provide a comparable replacement that is covered by the at-fault insurance company. You are entitled to a comparable replacement truck by law while the insurance company investigates and settles your claim or your truck is repaired.  

Additions to Your Equipment

There are many reasons why renting your chipper trucks from Chipper Truck Rental may be the perfect solution compared to purchasing vehicles for your fleet. You can begin a tree business, start a new crew, take on a bigger contract, or just eliminate the overhead, headache and typical upfront costs that limit your potential and strain your cash flow.


  • John Kent

    Kent Arborist Services
    Rent Tree Equipment and their amazing tree professionals have made it possible to focus on what me and my crew do best--sell and produce tree work. Now we consistently produce twice the work in the half the hours without stress or overhead of owning and maintaining, driving or operating any tree equipment, except our chain saws. Two thumbs up!
  • Rick Corwin

    Greenvalley Tree Service
    (Equipment Replacement) When the engine in my chipper truck blew up, I thought I would not be able to work for three weeks. I would have lost customers, my crew, and money too. So I rented a chipper truck from Rent Tree Equipment. Their weekly rental rate saved me money, and they delivered the chipper truck to my job site, which saved me time. Their people were friendly and easy to work with. I would use them again.
  • Ben

    Sacramento tree contractor
    I made more in two hour than I would have working two full days. I would recommend that you Rent Tree Equipment!

Make More Money

Watch the 2 Minute Video

Watch how a large liquid amber is chopped and loaded in 15 minutes, saving both time and money.

How we help you save more money.

No capital investment; no down payment, monthly payment, maintenance, insurance, DMV registration, storage, fuel, environmental or dumps fees.  Eliminate costly compliance new Air Resource Board restrictions. Avoid downtime for any reason.  Encourage the at-fault insurance company to settle your claim faster.  

How we help make you more money. 

We have all the biggest and best trucks, chippers and stump grinding equipment to complete your job fast and the talented people to do that job right. 

On-Site Rentals

We deliver and operate tree equipment at your job site.  

Delivering Skill

We provide an operator, an over-sized 33-yard chipper truck, and a Bandit 1590 chipper for as many hours or days as needed.

No Overhead

Grow your existing core: branch out and start a new crew or take on a bigger contract, all without overextending, committing to anything long-term, or exhausting your traditional resources.  

Pricing Table

About Rent Tree Equipment


We exist to ensure your money grows in the tree industry.

We exist to insure California arborists and tree contractors against unexpected expense and downtime when a chipper truck or forestry truck, brush chipper or stump grinder is damaged in a traffic accident.


Why did we start this business?

We exist to protect California tree services against the common insurance industry practice of denying that a comparable rental is available while an insurance company decides whether to repair or replace your equipment.

Our Growth

We exist to ensure your tree business has every possible competitive advantage necessary to succeed.

We specialize in exceptional customer service and in renting the biggest and best tree equipment that enables you to do more jobs with fewer headaches.  

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